About Tindreams

My career to a model train enthusiast

My father passed on his love for model trains to his sons. He was technically very gifted and had received extensive technical education as a watchmaker and an electrician before becoming a steam engine driver with the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn).

At home we built and enjoyed model trains and layouts.  At the age of seven I got my first Märklin train set which consisted of an oval track with an siding, a 3000 engine and four wagons.

At nine I got another Märklin train set, track gauge 0 (zero) with a clockwork mechanism, two locomotives, lots of wagons and two big boxes of track.


History of the Origins of Tindreams

Because of my extensive model trains experience, I quickly realized that when Märklin developed a new track gauge, they simply reduced existing models to a new scale. The outbreak of the war ended this procedure. From 1945 onwards, all Märklin models were exclusively produced in die cast.

As a collector of old Märklin toys, I always regretted that these fantastically beautiful 4-axle freight wagons were missing from the Märklin large gauge programmes. Additionally, the existing 4-axle 00-wagons 391, 392 and 393 in scale were far too long for the smaller 2-axle freight wagons.

In 2004, I built three prototypes using original Märklin parts, because I wanted to see how they would go with the existing 2-axle tin freight wagons. The result was incredible!!

I began to produce and offer a small number of these wagons. In order to protect my products from being copied, I registered the trademark under the name of ‘TINDREAMS’ on October 29, 2007.

In the following years, as all these wagons were handmade, we struggled to produce the first series of wagons and we were unable to extend the range of products. TINDREAMS models can only be obtained from me directly.

TINDREAMS models are handmade of the highest quality – made in Germany!!


To the products

My professional career

After training as an electrician, I qualified as a state-certified IT technician and worked in this job for 15 years.

In 1995  I started up my own business by making my hobby my profession. The main emphasis was put on repairing, restoring and trading old Märklin models having track gauge 00/H0.

In 2018 my business relocated, and the new address became Herdgasse 15 in Bernstadt. This new factory has sufficient room for trading with model trains and accessories of different sizes and at the same time for the development and production of the Tindreams models.


Product development

With care and attention to detail, I built a smaller version of the Märklin tank wagon 1854 as my first model. In doing so I did not, as was the custom at that time, dispense with many details, but reduced the model down to the last detail, as far as possible, investing lots of time and effort.

Examples of this are the embossed rivet rows on the tank, the handrails put on the platform and the free-standing signs on the ESSO tank wagon.

My models are NOT copies, but are a completely new design!


To the products

Further models

The choice of existing Märklin models is nearly inexhaustible. The idea for the following project was based on my love for the American models.

My choice was the small tunnel engine AVR 1030 / 1031 and the matching milk wagon 1954/0 of the NYC & HR, which Märklin had only built as a prototype. With the realisation of the 2-axle AVR 800, it is not far to building the 4-axle sister engine AVE 800.

The first prototype has been assembled, but an exact date of appearance cannot be fixed yet, because we are working to full capacity on our present project.

About us

My field:

  • all kinds of work at the office.
  • stock-keeping and inventory control
  • cleaning, overhauling and restoring of model train articles
  • customer service and advisory service
  • acquisition and sales
  • development and production of the TINDREAMS models

With our work becoming more and more extensive, my wife has supported me in many fields for a number of years.

  • screening and sorting of articles
  • preparing, checking and cleaning of the items
  • describing and taking photos of items for sale on ebay
  • sales information, delivery, and shipping of sold articles
  • accompanying me to auctions, trade fairs and exhibitions

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